2022 Spring Mentor

Raven Mo (she/her)

Designer at Elevate Brands

Portfolio Improvement

Hire Me! Crafting Your Offer-Ready Portfolio

Are you a design student or new grad looking to score your next design position? Whether you are looking for an internship or your first job at agencies, in-house studios, or freelancing, being able to articulate your work in both your portfolio and job-hunting is essential.

Bridging the gap between portfolio-building and job-hunting can help you produce robust and relevant case studies, articulated personal introductions, and a professional personal brand — all with a deliberate structure. By building a portfolio with job-hunting in mind, you will also generate valuable materials that you can manifest into assets for interviews, design assignments, presentations, and online presence along the way.

Join Designer Raven Mo to craft an offer-ready design portfolio, find your professional voice, and connect with like-minded folks in your design field!

Hybrid Sessions:
  • Virtual, Zoom
  • In-Person, TBA
Beginner Level:
  • For Students, New Grads, and Junior Designers
  • Have an existing portfolio is preferred but a portfolio at finishing stages of development is workable.
  • Have a general understanding of the industry landscape they are interested in
  • Should be interested in participating in session discussions
  • Should be enthusiastic about engaging in meaningful conversations
Potential Mentor Topics:
  • “Work, About, Playground”: Understanding basic components and myths of a portfolio
    • What are the schools of thought in developing a portfolio for entry-level jobs? Where do you want to take your portfolio?
  • “Work”: craft a case study for your dream job
    • Session 1: Take a deep dive into how to craft a clean and intuitive portfolio case study tailored to your targeted jobs
    • Session 2: Share examples and chat about how to turn a case study to an interview presentation
  • “About”: introduce your best self
    • Discuss ways to talk about yourself and how to tie your portfolio with your interview introductions, online presence, and more
  • “Playground”: how to spice your portfolio up (or not)
    • Share ways and tricks to extend your designer persona beyond professional work
  • Beyond “Work, About, Playground”: How can we elevate our job-hunting game, together?
Potential Takeaways:
  • Preparation and confidence to articulate your work in your portfolio, in an interview, and online
  • A foundational set of materials to help you navigate the industry landscape
  • A plan to tackle your next job search with actionable items and goals on improving your portfolio

Raven Mo

More about Raven Mo

Raven Mo is a designer at Elevate Brands. Professionally, her work focuses on brand identity, advertising campaigns, and package design. Raven is passionate about typography and the intricate social relations and infrastructures built by type. Before graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2021, she interned and worked for in-person and virtual roles at agencies such as Core Twelve, VSA Partners, and MATTE Projects. With recent experience covering entry-level design roles in small to large-scale agencies, in-house studios, startups, and freelancing, Raven is excited to share her thoughts on navigating the post-pandemic industry landscape for students and new grads.

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Talk to Raven about:

The history, design, and humans of typography. When Raven is not thinking about letters, she is also an avid birder.