AIGA Chicago is proud to announce the new M.A.D. Student Design Award granted to graduating students from AIGA Chicago-affiliated student groups. M.A.D. stands for motivation, attitude, and dedication, and this award is presented to one graduating student member from each student group who engenders those qualities. These students demonstrate high academic performance, show evidence of excellence in their design work, and engage deeply with their student group and the larger design community. Congratulations to the 2017 M.A.D Student Design Award recipients!

2017 M.A.D Student Design Award recipients
Devyn Absher, Augustana College
Jared Sawdey, Columbia College Chicago
Natalia Warren, Judson University
Mia Zierk, Loyola University Chicago
Katherine Edwards, UIC
Gracie Sullivan, UIUC
Mariana Domagalski, DePaul University