To embrace, amplify, and advance designers and the role of design in our community.


  • We celebrate our local design community, and serve as a hub of connection.
  • We strive for inclusion, serving a membership base truly reflective of the Chicago community considering diversity in demographics and modalities of practice.
  • We recognize the fluid, evolving nature of our profession today and the role it plays in the world around us.


  • We are a platform of empowerment, elevating the voice of the individual designer.
  • We serve as a vehicle for visibility, bringing awareness to our local design community.
  • We advocate for the power and potential of design to impact real change in the world around us.


  • We uphold standards of excellence in design practice — championing craft and ethics.
  • We are a platform to support the evolution of the modern designer, championing opportunities for development at all levels of a designer’s career.
  • We create opportunities to engage with and impact the world around us through the power of design.