2022 Spring Mentor

Aimé DeLattre (she/her)

Art Director at Demo Duck

Collaborating on a Group Project

Bring Your Designs to Life with Motion Design

Motion design is a complex field that blends graphic design with animation and cinematography. The discipline is fast-growing, and it changes how stories can be told and how messages can be spread to charm audiences. If designed well, people don’t even realize you’re attempting to persuade them; it happens naturally.

Join Motion Graphics Designer Aimé DeLattre, as you collaborate on a group project and learn the basics of animation and the fundamentals of motion graphics. She will share when and where motion design can be integrated into the design to convey the most powerful messages. You’ll work on setting up and building illustrations/designs for animation while enhancing your software skills through tutorials that you’ll watch outside of your sessions to help you master After Effects.

Virtual Sessions:
  • Google Meets
Beginner to Mid Levels:
  • Little to no experience in motion graphics or animation required (Motion Graphics foundations will be covered in the first session)
  • Must have access to Adobe After Effects
Potential Mentor Topics:
  • Diving into the fundamentals of Motion Graphics
  • Learning the basics of animation
  • Creating motion with intention
  • Building illustrations and designs for animation
Potential Takeaways:
  • Understand how to create animations for video, web, and apps
  • Discuss intention behind adding motion to online platforms
  • Learn how to use Lottie and After Effects
  • Portfolio piece

Aime DeLattre

More about Aimé DeLattre

Aimé DeLattre has been practicing Motion Graphics for 5 years. In her early career, she was fascinated by how animations provided digestible ways to consume information for large audiences. Since then, she has collaborated with museums and schools to create engaging, informational videos. Aimé has come to appreciate the design and storytelling elements of animation, and she now works at studios and creates videos to help clients bring their stories to life while staying true to their brand.

Talk to Aimé about:

Playing bass guitar, Rock climbing, Rollerblading, Drinking coffee