2020 Mentor

Katie Ess

Senior Visual Designer at HUGE

Experience & Product Design:
Focus on Branding & Storytelling

Discover the Role of Branding in Product Design

In a world of MVP, prioritization, and feature roadmaps, branding often gets overlooked within product design. Take a step back and and rediscover the role of branding. You’ll focus on ways to add back the value of brand storytelling and the feeling of a product. You’ll work towards adding back digital craft and considerations into your designs. Throughout your sessions, you will explore how to tell better brand stories that through layering, color, illustrations, texture, and motion.

All Levels:
  • Mentees should be interest in or have experience with product design
  • Should have a general understanding of sketch or similar programs
Session Topics:
  • Ideate a brand and product offering
  • Deep dive into branding your product
  • Block frame a core flow and apply your brand identity to your product
  • Test your ideas and learn the impact design can have
  • Build a story and pitch your product
  • Building Creative Confidence
  • Core understanding of branding, illustration and motion
  • Framing a brand narrative

Katie is a Senior Visual Designer at HUGE. She’s spent her career helping guide some of the world’s largest legacy brands; brands that needed to evolve to stay relevant in this ever-changing world. She’s helped bring brand moments to life for McDonalds, and imagined what smart mobility would look like for Ford, working on branding their global mobile applications.

Linkedin: Katie Ess
Instragram: @katie.ess

Talk to Katie about:

Corgis, Bon Iver, and/or Art History