2020 Mentor

Ananta Prayitno & Tom Glass

Creative Director at GOLIN & Senior Art Director at The Escape Pod

Portfolio Improvement:

Breaking Down the Philosophy of Portfolio Development

No matter your practice, there’s often a huge gap between the amount of time spent on a project and the time spent making sure it shines in your portfolio. Whether you’re trying to find a new gig or just refining your work, Ananta & Tom want to bridge that gap and help you get to know your work better. Together, you’ll go from “I hope you like my work.” to “This is why I believe in my work.” any time your portfolio is shared.

Beginner Level:
  • Should have a rough understanding of what industry they’d like to work in/tailor their portfolio to
  • An already existing portfolio is preferred
Session Topics:
  • “Start with now”, articulating where your portfolio is now and where you want to take it
  • Explore the current landscape of portfolios from across practices, the established do’s and don’ts (from the mentor’s side of things)
  • Learn how to talk about yourself without being self-centered, improving on self-promotion (i.e, your personal brand) as a means to support your work
  • Take a deep dive into your projects and find the best way to showcase the breadth of your work on and off the page
  • Share some tips, tricks, and war stories from the job hunt (resumes, interview skills, etc)
  • Confidence to back-up, defend, and present your work
  • An understanding of a group critique
  • A much improved portfolio you’ll wanna show off!

Ananta is a Creative Director at GOLIN. He’s a lapsed poet eager to share his conceptual copywriting background with you to help tell the story of your work in a better way. One time he endorsed Tom for “Endorsements” on LinkedIn.

Talk to Ananta about:

Tetris, Snacks, and Autocomplete

Tom is a Senior Art Director at The Escape Pod. Originally studying Design in Chicago, he has found his way into advertising by way of a strong love for popular culture. One time he endorsed Ananta for “Snacks” on LinkedIn.

Talk to Tom about:

Design aesthetic from the 1980s (seriously), Baseball, Traffic