2022 Spring Mentor

Stephen Doulas (he/him)

Graphic Designer at Hauswirth & Co.

Collaborating on a Group Project

Discovering & Building a Brand Identity

Brand Identity plays a pivotal role in our daily lives and lies far beyond just a name and logo. It is a visual representation of a brand’s essence (through marks, colors, type, packaging, websites, and more) that adds a level of identifiable uniqueness to our physical and digital world, ultimately influencing our choices.

Learn how to create successful brand identities from the ground up with Graphic Designer Stephen Doulas as you collaborate on a group project. You’ll work together to develop a compelling brand from beginning to end while he shares what the process looks like from start to finish.

Hybrid Sessions:
  • Virtual, Google Meets
  • In-Person, TBA
Beginner to Mid Levels:
  • Must have access and experience in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Potential Mentor Topics:
  • What makes a Brand Identity successful?
  • How to professionally design a logo
  • How/when to use mockups appropriately
  • Tools and resources (websites, program tips/tricks)
Potential Takeaways:
  • Strong understanding of brand development
  • Large variety of tools and resources
  • Improved logo design skills
  • Confidence in brand design
  • Portfolio piece

Stephen Doulas

More about Stephen Doulas

Stephen Doulas is a graphic designer based in Chicago specializing in brand identity. Early in his career, he developed a strong passion for branding (particularly logo design).

His deep-seated interest has allowed him to showcase his logo work on prestigious spots in numerous design blogs, such as The Design Tip, and featured in an eBook, My First Logo by LogoCore.

Find Stephen on:
Linkedin | Instagram | Dribbble

Talk to Stephen about:

Reality TV, Lo-fi Music, Outdoor Adventures