2021 Fall Mentor

Joseph Michael Essex (he/him)

Designer at J.M.Essex, Ltd. / EssexTwo

Leadership Skills

Developing Creative Leadership

Learning how to prepare and lead a creative process for students, graduates, peers, employers, managers, collaborators, and clients is both a methodology and a set of skills.

Whether you are leading from the back seat, the front row, or behind the podium, the goals are the same: to make a positive difference toward achieving clearly defined objectives for others and yourself.

Develop your creative leadership process with the guidance and experience of Joseph Michael Essex. Through discovery and collaboration, you will be able to identify the elements of a process that utilizes your abilities in ways that serve you and those with whom you work

Each meeting will consist of conversations designed to stimulate and articulate a practical assignment for our next meeting. Joseph will guide each conversation, adjusting to your needs, both for now and for what you may want to accomplish in the future.

In-Person Sessions:
  • 2210 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647 (In-Person)
Intermediate/Advance Levels:

While leading the creative process is useful at every experience level, this iteration will be exceptionally meaningful for…

  • Mentees looking to move up within a current design practice
  • Mentees who are in a design office/creative department, with responsibility but limited authority
  • Mentees who want to open their own office with or without a partner
  • Mentees who want to prepare for a career in design, beyond a particular discipline or product category
Potential Mentor Topics:
  • Information is Not Intelligence: help others identify, evaluate and prioritize objectives
  • Being the Catalyst and the Conduit: remove barriers while stimulating exploration
  • Asking “Dumb” Questions: simple, well-reasond questions promote simpler answers without assumptions
  • Wants vs. Needs: rather than react to a request, help others determine what is needed to achieve the goal
  • Leading from the Back Seat: ask questions designed to let others answer
  • Becoming Indispensable: make your case one-to-one with a client
Potential Takeaways:
  • Gain satisfaction and confidence through preparation, methodology, practice, and helping others reach their goals
  • Develop your Creative Leadership talents and abilities that will reflect your style, values and experience

Joseph Michael Essex has lectured and taught design at several colleges and universities, participated in local, national and international professional associations and conferences throughout a 5+ decade career as a practicing designer. Working nationally and internationally, Joseph’s experiences have nurtured a point-of-view that is service-oriented and focused on meaningful collaboration with colleagues and clients. With a passion for design as a process and a product, Joseph has supported the career development of friends, colleagues and employees.

Website: https://www.sx2.com/jmessex & https://www.sx2.com/
Facebook: Joseph Michael Essex
Linkedin: Joseph Michael Essex

Talk to Joseph about:

Designers, Past and Present; Mechanical Toys; Baseball as a Cultural Metaphor