2021 Fall Mentor

Janna Fiester (she/her)

Vice President of UX and Creative at Sandstorm Design

UX & Product Design

Designing for Handoff: Become your Developer’s BFF

As a UI designer, you focus on creating remarkable brand experiences that align with the user, business, and brand goals. So how can you ensure your digital designs are accurately developed into digital reality? By partnering with your development team, of course! Work through connecting, communicating, and collaborating with developers to bring your UI designs to life.

Join Janna Fiester, Vice President of UX and Creative at Sandstorm Design, as she covers how to navigate the transition from design to development. She will cover the best practices to ensure your designs can be appropriately viewed on screens of all sizes and accessible to a wide range of user groups. Janna has extensive experience working closely with developers and bringing design solutions to the market. Her passion will help set you on the path to do the same throughout your sessions. These sessions will be focused on website experiences, not apps. If you have existing or current website UI designs to review or critique, that is great. If not, Janna will bring current work to the sessions for evaluation and demonstration purposes.

Remote Sessions:
  • Zoom (Remote)
Beginner Level:
  • Mentees should have an existing or current website UI design to review or critique
Potential Mentor Topics:
  • Define the goals of a project and the best ways to collaborate with the development team
  • Think responsively not just mobile only
  • Create patterns/design systems and annotating UI design to help the development process
  • Don’t forget about accessibility
  • Understand how UI can impact dev timelines and budgets and how to help design for development budgets
  • Design Quality Assurance do’s and don’ts
Potential Takeaways:
  • Access proven tools/methods to collaborate with developers
  • Understand how to create a true responsive experience that looks great at each breakpoint
  • Be prepared to discuss accessibility
  • Learn how to create UI patterns
  • Define UI requirements for sites
  • Learn how to perform quality assurance on a site and work with developers to fine-tune the creative

A design-thinker and passionate professional, Janna never stops imagining ways to make Sandstorm’s clients’ work better. She knows how to ask the questions to unearth crucial insights that illuminate creative solutions for clients that include Deloitte, AWS, University of Chicago, NOW Foods, and National Association of REALTORS. Janna honed this skill while earning her MFA and teaching at the University of Illinois.Her award-winning work has been exhibited at theArt Institute of Chicago and showcased in many design publications.Janna spends her free time with her family (a hubby, two kids), leading TEDxOakPark, mentoring students and young professionals or on the stage performing Flamenco.

Linkedin: Janna Fiester

Talk to Janna about:

TED, touring the Art Institute with Massimo Vignelli, and UX/UIooks and/or Concerts