2021 Fall Mentor

Allie Serd (she/her)

UX Designer at The Coda Collection

Professional Development ― UX & Product Design

Breaking Down Case Studies for Impactful Storytelling

Good storytelling connects information to emotions which allows others to relate, empathize, and process information in a more digestible and memorable form. It marries your connection with the project to the passion of your solution while playfully showing your personality and confidence. Storytelling in any setting can establish expertise, show your personality and make you a memorable designer.

Join UX Designer, Allie Serd as she shares her experience with case studies. Whether you are an experienced designer with complex projects or a beginner in your field, you’ll learn how to break down your case study into tangible and impactful presentation structures that are not just cookie-cutter replicas of your portfolio. You’ll understand new ways to showcase your skill-set while maintaining your personality and your energy confidently to share your solutions and findings with hiring managers, colleagues, and stakeholders. Be ready to turn your most impactful design moments into memorable ones.

Remote Sessions:
  • Zoom (Remote)
All Levels:
  • Must have an existing case study project / portfolio piece
Potential Mentor Topics:
  • Understanding why storytelling is important when presenting case studies
  • Gaining confidence in their skillset and quieting down that imposter syndrome
  • Presenting case studies without getting long-winded
  • Aligning a case study with a job description/industry
  • Preparing for one-off questions that may happen in an interview or colleague setting
  • Showcasing the passion and desire while presenting case studies during interviews, colleague settings, or even stakeholder meetings
Potential Takeaways:
  • Ability to demonstrate their skillset with a fleshed out UX Case Study presentation deck created by a tool of their choice that reflects their work and also personality
  • Ability to back-up, defend and present said deck in front of hiring managers, colleagues, stakeholders etc
  • A new renown confidence in themselves to improve their storytelling skills that not only reflects their passion for the field but their energy in what they love to do

Allie is a UX Designer at The Coda Collection. She found herself jumping into the UX field based on the sheer reasoning that she disliked the math involved with coding but loved the empathetic aspect of being the voice of the customer to enhance the user experience of the digital world. Over the course of 8 years she has worked with a range of agencies, corporate and startup companies. Based on her experiences, she has found that communication and passion is key in any field.

Linkedin: Allie Serd

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