Studio Night with ÄKTA Web Studio

AIGA Chicago has asked a variety of local design shops to pull back the curtain and share their experiences for a new event called Studio Night.

About ÄKTA
ÄKTA is Chicago's leading project design studio, specializing in UX/UI design for web, mobile, and touchscreen platforms. We work with the hottest startups and innovative brands to create bleeding edge experiences their users will love. AKTA is made up of experts that create a UI/UX team with over 3.2 million years of experience. Backgrounds range from technology, art, interaction design, product strategy and psychology. For each part of our process to flow into the next seamlessly, the different personalities and brain power make all the difference.

Event Pricing
Member $10
NonMember $20
Student Member $5

When & Where
Thu, Oct 4, 2012 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM CDT
ÄKTA Web Studio
223 W. Erie Suite 4E Chicago, IL 60654
Suite 4E
Chicago, Illinois 60654