Spring Mentor Program Info Night — Pt. 2

Spring Mentor Program Info Night — Pt. 2

The AIGA Chicago Mentor Program is a celebrated gathering of creative individuals across disciplines and industries. It offers the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals on a path towards guided growth through mentorship.

This Spring 2022, we've selected 9 mentors to share their passion and expertise within a particular area of focus. We invite you to come and join us for our Info Night where we will talk through our upcoming Spring 2022 Program, important dates and times, and introduce some of our mentors and their topics. Towards the end of the evening, you’ll have the chance for Mentor Q&A.

Come and connect to gain greater insight into our Mentor Program and the potential opportunities that will be surfacing within the upcoming weeks.

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Jason Lung

Experience Design Group Director @ KPMG


Mentor Focus — Learning Leadership Skills

Developing Your Voice for Emerging Design Leaders — Mid Level to Advanced Levels

Join Experience Design Group Director Jason Lung, as you navigate what it is like to step into a design lead role and design leadership. You'll discuss the types of leaders you've worked for and loved, including those you want to forget. As a cohort, you'll talk about situations where you had to let go of the reins and delegate so you could hold on to the vision while getting it out of others. Jason will share soft critical skills, presentation styles, and communication methods for directs, peers, and clients. In the last few weeks, you'll put your leadership skills to the test by role-playing, questioning theories, and holding everyone accountable for how communication and leadership work in the real world vs. theory. By the end, you'll have a better grasp of your communication style and confidence in your leadership practice.


Raven Mo

Designer @ Elevate Brands


Mentor Focus — Portfolio Improvement

Hire Me! Crafting Your Offer-Ready Portfolio — Beginner Level

Join Designer Raven Mo to craft an offer-ready design portfolio, find your professional voice, and connect with like-minded folks in your design field! Bridging the gap between portfolio-building and job-hunting can help you produce robust and relevant case studies, articulated personal introductions, and a professional personal brand — all with a deliberate structure. By building a portfolio with job-hunting in mind, you will also generate valuable materials that you can manifest into assets for interviews, design assignments, presentations, and online presence along the way.


Rachel Costantino

VP of Product & Design @ Hovr (Hio)


Mentor Focus — Professional Development

Leading Design at Early Stage Startups — Mid Level

Join VP of Product & Design Rachel Costantino as she talks through how you can work directly with different disciplines, evangelize design internally, learn how to "time travel" between vision and execution, and become more comfortable with ambiguity. Each of your sessions will have a theme that will build into the next one. You'll start with an overview of a topic and then collaborate on exercises that will be built into the next theme via Figma.


Yue Wu

Associate Design Director @ McKinsey & Company


Mentor Focus — Kickstarting Your Career (Breaking into Design)

Transitioning into Design Leveraging Your Non-Design Background — All Levels

Connect back to the value that you bring from your past experiences with Associate Design Director, Yue Wu. Formerly an architect, Yue entered the digital design world after leaving his previous career and is passionate about sharing useful tips and advice to help others break into the design industry confidently. During your sessions, rediscover your love for design and learn about the various design landscapes and design profiles a designer can have. You'll leverage your non-design background to define your strengths that can be applied to design in order to map out where your career can go. Together you'll craft a personal roadmap to help you break into the digital design industry, confidently.



6:35 PM — Introduction + Spring Program (15m)

6:45 PM — Mentors & Mentor Topics (25m)

7:10PM — Q&A (20m)





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Tue, Apr 12, 2022 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM CDT