Spring Mentor Program Info Night — Pt. 1

Spring Mentor Program Info Night — Pt. 1

The AIGA Chicago Mentor Program is a celebrated gathering of creative individuals across disciplines and industries. It offers the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals on a path towards guided growth through mentorship.

This Spring 2022, we've selected 9 mentors to share their passion and expertise within a particular area of focus. We invite you to come and join us for our Info Night where we will talk through our upcoming Spring 2022 Program, important dates and times, and introduce some of our mentors and their topics. Towards the end of the evening, you’ll have the chance for Mentor Q&A.

Come and connect to gain greater insight into our Mentor Program and the potential opportunities that will be surfacing within the upcoming weeks.

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Join Mentors:

Aimé DeLattre

Motions Graphic Designer @ Banner Collective


Mentor Focus — Collaborating on a Group Project (Motion Design)

Bring Your Designs to Life with Motion Design — Beginner to Mid Levels

Join Motion Graphics Designer Aimé DeLattre, as you collaborate on a group project and learn the basics of animation and the fundamentals of motion graphics. She will share when and where motion design can be integrated into the design to convey the most powerful messages. You'll work on setting up and building illustrations/designs for animation while enhancing your software skills through tutorials that you'll watch outside of your sessions to help you master After Effects.


Antonio García

Head of Design @ TXI


Mentor Focus — Advancing as a Professional Design Leader

From Masters of Craft to Leaders of People — Advanced Level

Join Head of Design, Antonio García, as he takes you through real-world contextual learning, scenario-based coaching, peer work sessions with feedback, and group discussions and reflections. You'll explore (and define) what being a modern design leader means to you while learning about the kind of company culture you look to cultivate. Antonio will expand your perspective through challenging yet energizing facilitation, provocative questions, stimulating assignments, and resources galore. Your cohort will dive into the taboo subjects of design leadership in a safe virtual space, covering topics not typically taught in school and rarely ever at work.


Ashley Enger

Senior Designer Ops @ Wish


Mentor Focus — Kickstarting Your Career (Breaking into Tech)

Making The Move & Breaking Into Tech — All Levels

Join Senior Designer Ashley Enger as she discusses what separates designers in the tech industry from ad agencies and in-house marketing firms. You'll examine the similarities and differences between the tech world and other industries to understand where you can take your career. During her sessions, she will break down what you need to know to stand out, outline what the role of design can look like, introduce leveling structures, team structures, project frameworks, share her experiences as a designer within the tech industry; and more! Together you'll work towards breaking into the tech world as a designer with confidence.


Nicolette Stosur-Bassett

Editorial @ Think Wood & Creative Director @ Do It Better Designs


Mentor Focus — Design Thinking & Ethical Design

Using Design as a Tool for Social Change — All Levels

Join Editorial + Creative Director Nicolette Stosur-Bassett, as you explore these questions through interactive in-person and remote mentor sessions. Sessions will include: short, weekly research assignments/reading; group critique; learning from practitioners, and workshopping a social design challenge. Mentees will come away with practical design tools and methodologies to apply in their work.


Stephen Doulas

Graphic Designer @ Hauswirth & Co


Mentor Focus — Collaborating on a Group Project (Brand Development)

Discovering & Building a Brand Identity — Beginner to Mid Levels

Learn how to create successful brand identities from the ground up with Graphic Designer Stephen Doulas as you collaborate on a group project. You'll work together to develop a compelling brand from beginning to end while he shares what the process looks like from start to finish.



6:35 PM — Introduction + Spring Program (15m)

6:45 PM — Mentors & Mentor Topics (25m)

7:10PM — Q&A (20m)





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