Small Talks: IV: Essex Two

Big Things/Small Package

Essex Two is a good fit for AIGA’s Small Talks because its a small office. However, its only small in size not in ability, expertise or reputation. It’s also not small by the numbers.

The principals of Essex Two have designed and implemented over 500 trademarks and the expression of their brands through strategic planning and positioning, to naming and nomenclature. They have produced annual reports and fashion catalogues, business cards and signage systems as well as apps and commercials. They have received over 400 certificates, awards and medals from almost every major design related publication and organization in the world, while supporting the reputations of their clients in over 30 states and 12 counties.

After almost 25 years in business and over 40 years of experience Essex Two have developed a malleable mythology and a few criteria tools. Their efforts are designed to bring clients closer to design as a process and their client’s customers closer to design as products.

Essex Two feels a competent trademark represents its brand,a great trademark defines it.

Tremendous thanks to event chairs Valerie Craig and Kate Disbro for organizing this event.

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When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001