Extensis Web Typography Workshop

8:30 am  Registration + Breakfast
9:00 am –12:30 pm  Workshop

$25 Members / Students
$35 Non-Members

Event Overview:
There was a time when web designers had only a handful of fonts to choose from. Thanks to browser support for @font-face and server-based web fonts that limitation has changed and now there are thousands of fonts available to designers. Join typography expert Thomas Phinney for a combination of presentation and immersive, hands-on workshop on using @font-face and CSS3 typographic controls to create great web typography. Phinney takes you from the basics of ideal typesetting to enabling custom web fonts. CSS 3 introduces myriad new OpenType typographic controls, bringing a level of typographic precision to web design previously seen only in print. You’ll learn what OpenType brings to the table with alternate glyphs, from workhorse everyday typography to the surprising and bizarre, via fonts created by Phinney and friends. A live WordPress web site will be provided for each participant to practice and experiment on, along with access to WebINK web fonts.

You will learn all the ins and outs of web-based fonts:
- The difference between “real” @font-face web fonts and imposters and how they are transforming the web
- Selecting the perfect font for a web site
- Choosing fonts that work together
- Common crimes against legibility and aesthetics and how to avoid them
- Issues around color, spacing, line length and font size
- Everyday OpenType features for websites: ligatures, kerning, oldstyle numbers and true small caps
- Intermediate features: stylistic sets, calligraphic, script fonts and more
- Correct typographic use of new features
- The bleeding edge: fonts that censor naughty words, predict the future, graph your data or translate languages for you
- State and near future of advanced typography support in browsers

Requirements: Laptop and basic familiarity with HTML and CSS.

About the Instructor:
Thomas Phinney is involved in all aspects of fonts: design, history, standards, technology, business and forensics. He is Guru of Fonts & Typography at Extensis, a Celartem company, in Portland Oregon, where he is responsible for the font library for the WebINK web font service, and consults on fonts and typography for font management applications. Prior to Extensis, Thomas worked with fonts at Adobe for over a decade, ultimately as product manager for fonts & global typography. His interest in forensic typography has caused him to be consulted by such diverse organizations as the US Treasury Department, The Washington Post and PBS’s “History Detectives,” among others. Thomas is also a board member and treasurer of ATypI, the international typographic association. He has an MBA from UC Berkeley, and an MS in printing (specializing in typography) from the Rochester (New York) Institute of Typography. His typeface Hypatia Sans was offered as a registration incentive for Adobe Creative Suite 3, and he is currently hard at work on a new typeface called Cristoforo.

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When & Where
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