Defining UX/UI: Creations, Clients and Users

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Please join us for breakout sessions that continue our three-part series in exploring UX and UI over refreshments at WeWork!

As the digital career space changes, so do professional expectations. In this unique event, attendees will break into smaller groups for a more intimate discussion on the challenges and experiences of digital careers.

How do you prepare for a career in digital design, UI or UX? What are the challenges that designers face with today’s clients? How does data play a role in our design decisions? When do you reject user feedback? Explore some of these topics, as well as other areas focused on skill building and career exploration.

Please join us for our second event in our 3-part series in exploring careers in UX and UI. Drink and food will be provided.


Shazia Pappa, Director, User Experience & Design at Aon

Visual Storytelling: Storytelling is fundamental to the human condition and essential to our effectiveness as designers. In this hands-on session, we will explore rapid prototyping and creating a value proposition, all with the aim of telling a memorable story.

Kevin Gilsdorf, Creative Director & President at Kindle Point Inc

Start with a user-insight omelet: User-informed MVPs are as important as a good breakfast to get going tomorrow morning. Yet, when time is tight it’s easy to skimp on some of the most important insight gathering opportunities. In this session, we’ll discuss how user and designer perspectives can easily differ and gain a few tips to close these gaps. Post-session, you’ll hopefully enjoy a few fresh ways to go beyond unique design and develop a truly respected product.

Lisa Crea, Founder & CXO at Delux Creative Group

Design Discovery: Guiding participants in learning how to elicit user stories and plan for the design - before the design begins.

Angel Cortes, Product Designer at CDW

High Fidelity Prototyping and Soliciting Feedback: Getting the feedback on the feature you want… instead of everything else in the prototype.

Tony Pattin, Product Design at Glassdoor

Choosing your UX career path: startup vs. agency vs. in-house vs. consultancies: In your job search, you may come across a diverse set of companies when choosing your UX career path. These companies are often classified into 3 categories: corporations, startups, and agencies. Based on my experience, I’d like to share some informed generalizations about what it’s like to work as a UX designer in different work environments.

Justin Peddycoart, Senior UX Design Consultant at Solstice

Leveraging the most powerful UX methods: There are hundreds of methods used within the design industry, and it's difficult to know which to use and when to use them. I'll share two of my personal favorite methods, which may turn out to be the only two you'll ever need.

ALSO NOTE: Sign up for advisor groups will be determined at event registration, so show up early to claim your spot! Groups will be limited to 6-9 people each.


6:00 PM: Mix and mingle (food and drink provided)

6:30 PM: Introductions

6:45: PM: Breakout Sessions

7:45 PM: Final networking

8:30 PM: Event ends

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$10 Student Members

$15 AIGA Members

$20 Non-Members

When & Where
Thu, Sep 19, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM CDT
125 S Clark St
125 South Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60603