Ask+Give: Idea Potluck

Do you have a printing horror story to GIVE?

Or do you need to ASK for a vendor recommendation?

Do you have some free time to GIVE a friend some design industry advice?

Or do you have any idea of how or where to ASK for a design mentor?

…or are you just HUNGRY for some opportunities for design collaborations?

Well…. you're in luck…a potluck

Join AIGA Chicago and it’s members for an event that we hope will satisfy your appetite for community and connection: The ASK + GIVE: IDEA POTLUCK -- for Design Resources, Knowledge, and Support.

Ask + Give is open to everyone, but it is aimed specifically at members of the design community and their needs and aspirations. The event will start with an open Ask Assembly, where attendees have two minutes to informally introduce a need, and ask the audience for feedback, advice, resources, or just recommendations. This will be followed by a Time to Give -- an open networking session to converse or trade information for any Gives attendees may have.

Ask+Give Rules

Gives should be things attendees have or have extra of (knowledge, books, tools, time).

Client/talent recruitment is invited.

No requests for funds or monetary donations.

The goal is to create a platform for the Chicago design community to offer a sort of mutual aid to each other based on the asks and gives.



Water and beer can be purchased during the event. Food and other beverages are not available for purchase.

Outside food IS PERMITTED.

Masks are required inside.

Masks are optional for fully vaccinated guests when they are outside; non-vaccinated individuals are required to wear a mask.

Cash is not accepted.

These rules may be updated at any time due to health and safety guidelines.


Cost + Schedule

5:30pm — Pre-event Brewery Tour is $10 and only available to 20 people. Payment must be made to Empirical Brewing on the evening of the event.

6:30pm — Ask + Give Event starts begins in the Beer Garden


Code of Conduct

By registering to attend this event, you agree to abide by AIGA Chicago Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct may be found here.


Twitter Hashtags & Handles




Special thanks to Nacho Montiel and Irina Goldman for planning this event.

When & Where
Wed, Oct 6, 2021 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CDT
Empirical Brewery
1801 West Foster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640