The Art of Blackness

The Art of Blackness 
Exhibition Opening night, July 10th 
Harrington College of Design
200 West Madison 

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The Art of Blackness Exhibition was created to allow for a meeting of the minds between 
African American artists and design professionals. The exhibit’s goal is to provide these artists
with both an avenue of expression and an introduction to potential patrons and resources. 

Invited artists are encouraged to utilize their medium of choice (photography, graphic design,canvas,etc) to depict their interpretation of the Black experience in America and the impact of African American culture on our society.
Art of Blackness 2015 Exhibition Artists
Dred Ske
Brent Rollins
Brian Golden
Chantala Kommanivanh
Ivan Vaquez
Connie Harvey
David Geary
Martha Wade
Harmonia Rosales
Angelica London
Roger Carter
Thomas Williams
Darno Demby
Jade Brown
Andrea Pippins
Marcus Sterling Alleyne
Nastassia Darby
L. David Stewart
Jonathan Sangster

Curated by David Geary and LaShun F. Tines. 
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When & Where
Fri, Jul 10, 2015