Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: How to Get Where You Want to Go

You can’t expect to achieve anything if you never take any risks, and if you don’t embark on adventures, you’re not going to gain any new experiences. It’s simple.

Hear how five local creatives and entrepreneurs went against all odds to pursue their passion, career or side project and turn what they love into what they do. Our speakers will discuss and share tips on:
-how to find your inner passion and purpose
-techniques that you can use to achieve success in everything you do
-personal stories and life anecdotes
-those mistakes worth making

Curated and hosted by General Assembly, you’ll get 5 tips in 5 minutes from 5 speakers, then you’ll get to ask questions at the end.

Join us for a fun night filled with a good ol’ dose of inspiration and hang around for a drink, delicious cookies donated by Warm Belly Bakery, and a chat afterwards too.

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When & Where
Tue, Dec 6, 2016
GA Chicago Event Space
444 N. Wabash Avenue, Level B
Chicago, IL 60611