Ladies, Wine, & Design Chicago: Can Design Save the World?

Designers are coming to the table to not only determine how to make things, but what we should be making in the first place. What do design practices and career paths look like when designing for social impact?

Join Ladies, Wine, & Design Chicago on September 20 as we hear from designers working in the social impact space who are bringing human-centered design principles to bear on their work in service design and beyond. Hear their stories about their groundbreaking work and their impact on communities.

Panelists Include:
Janice Cho, Chief Design Officer, DevMynd
Pilu Sanchez, Design Strategy Consultant
Annemarie Spitz, Design Research Lead, Greater Good Studio

Ladies, Wine & Design is a monthly salon night for creative ladies. We wine, dine, and have casual conversations on a wide variety of topics relating to creativity, business, and life. If you’re a female student or creative and would like to take part, please join us. It’s free & reservations are first come, first serve.

Jessica Walsh started Ladies, Wine & Design in New York after doing a lot of thinking and reading on why there are so few women creative directors. She believes we can change that through mentorship and championing others’ work. We couldn’t agree more, and we also think it would be fun to meet other lady designers, so we reached out to her and tadaaa – Ladies, Wine & Design Chicago was born.

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When & Where
Wed, Sep 20, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Media Made Great
1350 West Erie Street