October 13-15, 2014
Block 37, Chicago

Something is stirring in Chicago.

At BarnRaise, we will bring together designers, entrepreneurs, and social visionaries to amass the creative energy of an entire city to build something new. What could happen if we gathered as problem-solvers from Chicago and beyond to put our minds and hands to work to imagine the future? What could we create and build in two-and-a-half days? What kind of creations could­ we make and what future could we inspire?

This October, we will be networking leading design firms (such as gravitytank, Conifer Research, and Greater Good Studio) to rally around one social problem. At BarnRaise, you can plan on actively participating and learning new tools for your design tool belt. Join a team, hunker down at a local design firm’s office, a­nd create digital and physical prototypes together. We’ll build until the final bell rings, at which point, we’ll share our prototypes for all to see in a public exhibit. Local partners will be equipped. Cheering will ensue.


When & Where
Mon, Oct 13, 2014 - Wed, Oct 15, 2014