3 Day Workshop: Sketching Odyssey Manuel Estrada

3 Day Workshop: Sketching Odyssey Manuel Estrada
Generating Ideas Through Drawing, Collage, Photography and Writing

Harrington College of Design
200 W Madison
Chicago, IL 60606

Friday, February 27-Sunday, March 1

35 participants, maximun

Workshop fee:
Professionals: $300
Students: $150

Workshop Times:
Friday + Saturday: 9.30am–1pm, 1 hour lunch, 2pm–5.30pm
Sunday: 11am–1pm, 1 hour lunch, 2pm–5pm

The design process is a journey full of adventures and difficulties in which the designer goes through before achieving its purpose.

The designer’s best tool is his strategy. Thanks to intelligence and creativity the designer overcomes continuing problems he may encounter. He plans the way and represents his ideas utilizing drawing, typography, collage and photography along with other techniques that allow him to reach his objectives.

To register for the workshop, please contact Perrin Stamatis at pstamatis@harrington.edu

When & Where
Fri, Feb 27, 2015 - Sun, Mar 1, 2015