2020 Mentor

Alyson Kayne

Senior Graphic Designer at Pusheen


Professional Development:

Transform into a Chameleon Designer: Learn How to Adapt to Land Your Dream Job

Ready for your next move, but don’t know how to get there? Alyson will share her experience working as a graphic designer in many different fields and share how she was able to adapt and rebrand her talent to fit new corporate molds. We will cover the gamut of being a designer in the following areas: marketing, in-house design, consumer products, agency/client-focus, package design, big companies, small companies, and more.

This will be an interactive session where you will be able to ask questions, get feedback, and gain the tools you need to be successful in landing your next job. You will learn how to streamline your resume, bulk up your portfolio, and ask meaningful interview questions to cater to the company hiring. Being a chameleon/adapting to the times is extremely important now more than ever! Let’s help each other figure out the next steps on our career paths and reach our professional goals.

Beginner Level:
  • Should have a basic understanding of design fundamentals
Session Topics:
  • Learn about different fields, business models, and options for graphic designers
  • Tailoring your skills, resume/cover letter, and talking points to the job you want
  • Networking, informational interviews, and email tips
  • Conducting research to learn the right language to use when talking to prospective companies
  • How to keep the momentum going when you are in the new job
  • Figure out what field(s) you are most interested in
  • A clear path to your next dream job
  • Interview/networking confidence
  • Improvements to your resume and portfolio

Alyson is a Senior Graphic Designer at Pusheen Corp (you know, the cute, squishy gray cat you use as a GIF in Facebook Messenger). She’s done work for top brands like Disney, Hersey, Kellogg’s, Mondelez, BlueCross BlueShield, and more. She has experience working in many fields including licensing, entertainment, product innovation, and package design. Alyson is excited to be a mentor this fall. She looks forward to helping fellow designers feel empowered in their career and achieve their professional goals. Fun Fact: She has an extensive loose leaf tea collection.

Talk to Alyson about:

Reality competition shows, dancing, and/or delicious recipes