About The Mentor Program

The AIGA Chicago Mentor Program offers creatives from across disciplines a safe space to gather and share insights, experiences and resources. With the support from our community, we are able to curate our mentor programming. This program helps guide and grow designers at any level of experience through focused mentor groups that are based on our community’s needs.

Our Mission

Our greater mission is to unite and empower our community through affordable and accessible continued education. If you’re interested in tapping into existing knowledge, make sure to check out our next Mentor Program session.

Mentor Sessions

Our Mentor Program runs bi-annually:

  • Spring Sessions — March to May
  • Fall Sessions — September to November
Our Reach

Our Program caters to nearly 300+ people a year.

  • Annually we serve 240-250 mentees spread across 20-30 selected mentors.
  • Each session, 10-15 mentors are selected to help guide and grow a cohort of 10-12 mentees. Please note: This is not a 1 on 1 mentor program.
The Commitment

Our Program runs for 11 weeks where participants will have access to 5 Mentor Sessions and private program-wide events. See How The Program Works for detailed information.

  • Week 1: Kickoff Event
  • Week 2: Mentor Session #1
  • Week 3: Private Mentor Program Events
  • Week 4: Mentor Session #2
  • Week 5: Private Mentor Program Events
  • Week 6: Mentor Session #3
  • Week 7: Private Mentor Program Events
  • Week 8: Mentor Session #4
  • Week 9: Private Mentor Program Events
  • Week 10: Mentor Session #5
  • Week 11: Wrap Up Event
Program Cost
  • $50 for AIGA Members
  • $100 for Non-Members

There’s also a hidden cost; your time! We ask that you commit your time to the full 11-weeks to get the best return.


If you have questions, please email Co-VP of Programming & Strategy, Leslie Presto at presto@chicago.aiga.org